(Boo)Sah Bum Nim Allen Bellini is one of our evening adult class instructors. He began his Tang Soo Do training in 1993 with some prior experience in other martial arts. Persistence and dedication has earned him the Black Belt rank in July 1996. His no nonsense teaching style can be summed up with the phrase; "You'll play how you train". This means that if you practice with intensity, strong blocks and kicks, then you can depend on your training when the time comes that you need it. The effort that you give in class will relate to the effort you can give in a serious situation.
As a scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Bellini has raised his two sons Christopher and Mattew to become high achievers. Both have earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout and both have trained and earned their Black belt in Tang Soo Do as well. His wife Barbara also trains and has earned her Black Belt making the Bellini household a true Tang Soo Do family. His experience and participation with numerous World Tang Soo Do Association sanctioned events has helped to develop (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Bellini to become one of our highly influential instructors and mentors.
In addition to martial arts, (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Bellini stays active with daily runs, racquetball and paragliding. All of his activities relate back to key points of Tang Soo Do Karate; focus, perseverance, and self-control.Tang Soo!