Born in Santiago, Chile, (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Leslie was introduced to martial arts training at the impressionable age of nine. So serious an attitude toward training that her dedication had earned her numerous "Best Attendance " awards. After achieving some preliminary ranks her studio affiliated itself with the World Tang Soo Do Association, an organization new to Chile. She earned her 1st DAN in 1998 while majoring in physical education at the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educacion in Santiago, Chile. She received her instructors certification in 1999 and began teaching at an elementary and a middle school and at the University.
"Teaching Tang Soo Do has become a joy and a sense of fulfillment for me" says (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Leslie, "as I am able to assist in bettering people and at the same time strengthen my own understanding and conviction to my martial arts. Diverse age groups present various challenges and teaching methodologies. Observing students growing up in the martial arts with self-motivation, ambition and confidence renews my inspiration as a teacher. Everyone can benefit and enrich their own life from the practice of martial arts."
(Boo)Sah Bum Nim Leslie tries to recognize unique talents in each of her students and help mold them into an artist. Today she conducts classes daily for children, teens and adults and directs the preschool programs, aka Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons.
As a competitor  (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Leslie enjoys participating and has entered in dozens of martial arts Championships, each providing new experiences and lessons. She says that it is important to have the correct attitude about championships and feels that competitors should practice seriously and constantly in order to bring quality and their personal best to the ring. "It seems you'll always find someone better than you but regardless of the results, by doing your best you should recognize and celebrate that you have done your best and grow from there."    

Some of  (Boo)Sah Bum Nim Leslie's competition history.
Championship Fighting Awards

1st place 1998 WTSDA World Championship ( Orlando, FL)
1st place 1999 WTSDA South American Championship (Argentina)
1st place 2001 WTSDA Mexico National Championship
1st place 2001 WTSDA South American Championship (Chile)
1st place 2002 WTSDA World Championship ( Orlando ,FL)
1st place 2003 Valley Forge Winter Tournament (PA,USA)
1st place 2003 Zona Baja Championship ( Ensenada, Mexico)
1st place 2003 WTSDA South American Championship (Argentina)

WTSDA Grand Champion CUP Awards

1999 WTSDA South American Female Grand Champion
2000 Chilean National Championship Grand Champion
2002 Chilean National Championship Grand Champion
2002 WTSDA Region 20 (USA) Female Grand Champion
2003 Valley Forge Winter Tournament  Female Grand Champion
2003 Zona Baja Championship ( Ensenada, Mexico) Female Grand Champion
2003 WTSDA Region 20 (USA) Female Grand Champion