Tiny Tigers
3-5 years
Introduces very young children to the positive influences of the martial arts by stressing structure, order, coordination, self discipline and other positive values. Classes are 30 minutes and are fun.
Little Dragon
5-7 years
Exercises basic skills and properly prepares young children for the formal Tang Soo Do training and curriculum. Helps to develop proper manners, focus, attention and the high achievers attitude early on. Classes are 60 minutes and are fun.
Karate Kids & Teens Classes
8-15 years
A formal training curriculum, including traditional forms, weapons training, practical self defense techniques, strategies and more. Children develop self-confidence and self-esteem as they progressively train, test and are rank certified in the WTSDA internationally recognized ranking system.
Classes are 60 minutes and are exciting.

Ages 16 and Up
Challenging and exciting. A serious way to exercise self-discipline and fitness.
A formal training curriculum, including traditional forms, weapons, practical self defense techniques, strategies and more. Students train and earn rank in the WTSDA internationally recognized ranking system.

Advanced Class
All ages
For advanced children and adults (Red Belt, Cho Dan Bo and Black Belts). Especially designed with the interaction of various Masters, Instructors and Black Belts. Develops and exercises leadership, responsibility and martial artistry. Classes are in addition to the regularly scheduled class times.
Demonstration Team Class
All ages
Exhibition teams are trained and are developed for public performance in festivals, national and international martial arts events. Highly skilled students learn martial artistry and teamwork.


Dear Parents:

Welcome to the WORLD KARATE KIDS PROGRAM. Our Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons Programs introduce children ages 3-7 to the positive influences of the martial arts by stressing self discipline and positive values. One of the best gifts you can provide for your children is the opportunity to possess the power of a successful life.

What are the powers? Patience, Concentration, Humility, Self Discipline, Self-Control, and a Strong Healthy Body with good Mental and Physical Coordination. Our Karate Kids Program is unique in the physical education area, as it is not merely a form of “self defense.” It is a total Learning and Improvement activity. Children learning Tang Soo Do begin by practicing the basic skills, which are the foundation of this art. These skills improve and build coordination and balance.

We are professionals in this field and are dedicated to your child’s development, growth and achievement. After a few months of training, each child should show dramatic changes, such as lower anxiety levels, an increased sense of responsibility, and heightened self-esteem. Most will also begin to show improvement in their school studies. Their training by one of our qualified instructors could be the priceless gift of starting your child off properly on their road to a happy, successful life.
I look forward to working with each child and their families as they begin their magical journey on the road of our Tang Soo Do Program.

I proudly introduce you to this studio and our instructors, who are licensed and fully trained professionals for this specific program. We believe in and value the education and character of your child.

Grandmaster Jae C. Shin


We pledge to help young people learn patience, concentration, humility, self-discipline, self control, and respect. We intend to enhance the successful lives of children through both personal development and achievement.

Respect: One of the basic premises of the martial arts is respect.
We teach respect first, for themselves and all around them, and then we teach technique.

Self-Discipline: While we use theory of an oriental warrior’s disciplinary training, it is geared more towards teaching children self-control as their minds and bodies mature.

Coordination: Through our routine technical training, a child’s physical and mental coordination will improve.

Behavior: The discipline and rules of conduct in our class, along with the bowing, answering: yes sir/ma’am, and other attitude requirements, help shape the child’s behavior in a positive direction.

Confidence: Children discover self value and pride through our training with the attitude of “he can do it, she can do it, I can do it.”

Patience: Many children have gotten used to instant gratification common in our hi-tech world. Our classes will help to bring out their inner calmness and endurance. As they experience achievement through the progression of our belt system, they will learn to pursue goals with an “ always finish what you start” attitude.

Concentration: Developing powers of concentration through our training is assisted by our “all out effort” which must be preformed by the child in every class. Children learn three keys of concentration - focus mind, focus eyes, focus bodies. This is one of the most important benefits of our program. These powers of concentration are transferred into the child’s academic performance.

Responsibility: Children in our program learn that you must not only do the right thing, but you must do the right thing for the right reason. It’s easy to do something because you fear punishment. Personal responsibility means that our children must choose the correct path on their own and accept the consequences for incorrect actions.

Cooperation: Group training with other children teaches the skill of teamwork. Teamwork skills are valuable for use throughout the course of life.

Better Health: A formal training program helps to develop a child’s body, inside and out. Better mental and physical health improves all other areas of a child’s life, such as eating and sleeping habits.

Grow With Sense And Justice: By utilizing our warrior’s honor codes, children will mature and grow with a sense of fairness. Our instructors will enforce the right way and wrong way throughout our lessons.